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Drug Safety Datawarehouse Symposium in Nihonbashi, Tokyo on Jan 21, 2016. (2016/1/22)

Garuda HPCGaruda, a multi-purpose research platform from SBI, reaches new heights through InfiniCloud, a scalable High Performance Computing Cloud platform for Data-Intensive Workflows (2015/11/25)

npj Systems Biology and Application: the first issue is now online! (2015/09/28)


JASIS 2015 Special Exhibition Sept 2 -4, 2015, Makuhari, Japan (2015/07/23)

1st Think X Symposium on Smart Healthcare for Smart Nation to be held on 9 Apr 2015, Singapore (2015/04/01)

Other Topics

  • New open access journal npj Systems Biology and Applications (2014/09/15)
  • SBI Australia signed MoU with Monash IVF, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) (2013/05)
  • Collaborations with FDA (2012/June)
  • Joint Research with EMBL Australia (2012/03/21)
  • Research on Parkinson's Disease with Luxembourg (2011/06/09)

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