ERATO-SORST Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project (2003-2008) is the phase-II of ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project (1998-2003).

The overall direction of the project is to understand system-level principles of biological systems and obtain insights into medical applications of such knowledge. In order to carry out our research, we are engaging in several research topics in software platform, theoretical foundations, and specific biological functions.

Software platform for systems biology:

Systems biology research requires extensive computational and data resources to decipher system logic of life. However, software resources for systems biology are far from sufficient. This avenue of research intent to provide software platform for systems biology, particularly in (1) standard formation for model representation, (2) common and flexible platform for editing, storing, evaluating, and analyzing the model and large scale biological data, and (3) novel software tools for systems biology.

Robustness of Biological Systems

Robustness is one of the fundamental organizational principles of biological systems. Understanding mechanisms, principles, and origin of robustness, as well as its trade-offs and limitations are prime research goal.

  • Theoretical of biological robustness
  • Cellular Functions
    • Cell cycle
    • Circadian Rhythms
    • Signal transduction
  • Disease
    • Cancer as a robust system
    • Metabolic Syndromes

Yeast Systems Biology

Budding yeast is one of the most well investigated model organisms at molecular level. Broad range of experimental techniques can be applied to extend genetics and molecular biology into systems biology research. Our goal is to obtain integrated system logic perspectives of budding yeast, and augment such understanding to mammalian cells.


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