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  • SBI Australia signingSBI Australia to be established at Monash University (2012/10/17)
    Monash university (Melbourne, Australia) and SBI have signed an agreement to establish SBI Australia at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI).
    >> Press release @ Monash
  • BioJapan 2012 (2012/10/10-12)
    SBI will have an exhbition booth at BioJapan 2012 @ Pacifico Yokohama, Oct 10-12, 2012
    Kitano will present "Systems Drug Design and Garuda Platform" in OIST Seminar on Oct 10th.
  • Collaborations with FDA (2012/June)
    U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and SBI have signed the Memorandum of Understanding for collaborations on drug safety and systems biology research.
  • EMBL AustraliaJoint Research with EMBL Australia (2012/03/21)
    EMBL Australia and the Systems Biology Institute (SBI) have reached agreement to support Australian life science research in 2012 through joint activities including collaboration and sharing of expertise via workshops, training and other opportunities that will enhance researchers' understanding of the capabilities of genomics and bioinformatics. >> more info >> EMBL Australia


  • CellDesigner 4.2 Release! (2011/10/05)
  • SBI releases iPathways 1.2 (2011/08/30) iPathways
    SBI releases the iPathways 1.2 , to explore the biological pathways for iPod/iPad device.
  • Research on Parkinson's Disease with Luxembourg (2011/06/09)
    Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) and SBI are conjointly working on a deeper understanding of the complex system of Parkinson's disease.
  • BioComplexity Symposium @Singapore (2011/01/26)
    “BioComplexity Symposium : Systems Biology Approach to Systems Drug Discovery and Systems Medicine” to be held on 14 February 2011 at Auditorium, NUHS Tower Block, Singapore. It is jointly organized by National University of Singapore (NUS), Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and SBI, represented by Professor Fu-Xin-Yuan, Professor Sir David Lane and Professor Hiroaki Kitano respectively, as co-organizers of the event.


  • SBI releases iPathways (2010/10/08)
    SBI releases the iPathways, to explore the biological pathways from your plam, from App Store for iPod/iPad device.
  • SBI received Good Design Award 2010 (2010/09/29)
    SBI was awarded the Good Design Frontier Design Award and the Good Design Special Award of Judging Committee Chairman.
  • NatureJapanJobs article featuring Kitano in Japanese (2010/9/24)
  • Kitano gave a talk at Moët Hennessy and Financial Times Club Dinner in Tokyo (2010/09/01)
    Hiroaki Kitano gave a talk at Moët Hennessy and Financial Times Club Dinner in Tokyo that took place in Kacho, a top-notch Japanese restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, participated in by 50 corporate CEOs and
    celebrities. Previous speakers for MH-FT club dinner were President Nicola Sarkozy, France; Jeff Bewkes, CEO, Time Warner; Sir Neville Isdell, Chairman and CEO, Coca-Cola; and Prince Albert de Monaco..
  • Good Design Expo 2010 (2010/08/25)
    Good Design Expo 2010
    SBI is nominated for Frontier Design Award category.
  • CellDesigner™ 4.1 released! (2010/06/30)
  • SBI awarded the Canon Foundation grant for Coral Reef Systems Biology (2010/04/16)
    SBI today announced that it won a three-year grant from the Canon Foundation on coral reef systems biology. The project is  a joint project with Prof. Monica Medina (UC Merced) and Roberto Iglesias Prieto (Unidad Académica Puerto Morelos), and seek to investigate robustness trade-offs in coral-symbiont systems for better protection and recovery of coral reefs against climate change.
  • A Comprehensive map of TB Metabolic network drafted (CSIR-SBI Collaboration) (2010/04/14)
    SBI team supported Indian OSDD Project in creating a large-scale comprehensive map of metabolic network of TB. During the recent Connect to Decode conference held in New Delhi, a team of over 150 Indian students and researchers and SBI team (Dr. Samik Ghosh and Ms. Yukiko Matsuoka) joined forces to create the first comprehensive map of TB metabolic network using CellDesigner. The map will be up-loaded to Payao community curation system for further annotations.
    Dr. Samir Brahmachari (CSIR, Director General) and Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (SBI, President) shake hands to celebrate completion of the draft map. (from left: Dr. Anshu Bhardwaj, Dr. Samir Bramachari, Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, Dr. samik Ghosh).
  • MOU_SIBSSBI signed MOU with Key Laboratory of Systems Biology, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences of Chinese Academy of Science (2010/03/14)
    The Systems Biology Institute (SBI) and Key Laboratory of Systems Biology, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences of Chinese Academy of Science (LSB/SIBS/CAS) today signed MOU on comprehensive joint research, education, and promotion of systems biology. Both parties agree to organize a series of workshops and plan joint research in systems biology.
  • The First Sino-Japan Workshop on Systems Biology (Shanghai, China) (2010/03/14)
    Key Laboratory of Systems Biology, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences of Chinese Academy of Science and SBI have jointly organized the First China-Japan Workshop on Systems Biology at Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences on 14 March 2010, participated in by 12 speakers from both side and discussed systems biology and its application to diabetes, cancer, drug discovery, as well as information infrastructure. A two-day workshop will end with a tutorial session on CellDesigner and Payao on 15 March 2010.
  • SBML paper exceeds 500 citation index (2010/03/03)
    SBML paper [PMID: 12611808] exceeded 500 citations in the ISI Web of Knowledge.



  • First version of an SBGN language released (2008/08/04)
    The first specification for Process Diagrams of the Systems Biology Graphical Notation (SBGN) is being announced today. The goal of SBGN is to standardise the graphical representation of essential biochemical and cellular processes. Standardising graphical notations for describing biological interactions is an important step towards the efficient communication of biological knowledge between different communities. More information on SBGN and SBGN Process Diagram Level 1 can be found here (
  • CellDesigner Tutorial at ICSB 2008 (2008/08/22)
  • CellDesigner 4.0 released (2008/08/04) new
  • SBI donated journals to Cameroon (2009/08)
    SBI donated over 4,000 copies of journals and books on molecular biology to a newly established private research center, the Molecular Biology Center in Cameroon led by Dr. Celine Nkenfou Nguefeu. This is a part of effort by SBI to support systems biology and biological science globally.
  • Nature Review Drug Discovery News Feature on the workshop: All systems go, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 7, 278-279 (April 2008) | doi:10.1038/nrd2565(2008/4/4)
  • SBI signed the MOU with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India (2009/03/29)
    CSRI and SBI signed the MOU to seek for collaborative initiatives to promote systems biology and its medical and environmental applications in India and Japan.
  • Nature News in Briefs on the workshop: Systems biologists hatch plan for virtual human,
    20 February 2008 | Nature 451, 879 (2008)
  • FCSB 2008 successfully concluded with JST/BBSRC supports. (2008/2/14)
    The first Future Challegne for Systems Biology workshop was held 4-6 February, 2008 in Tokyo. The workshop was organized by the BBSRC(Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UK) and JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). About 100 researchers were participated in the three-day event. The Tokyo Declaration was adopted on the last day of the sessions.
    FCSB2008 >>> report
  • FCSB 2008 - International Workshop on Future Challenges for Systems Biology
    February 4-6, 2008, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan (2008/1/24)





  • CellDesigner 2.5 now supports simulation and parameter scan by an integration with SBML ODE Solver. (2005/9/1)
  • The draft version of the Budding Yeast Molecular Interaction Map includes signal transduction and carbohydrate metabolic pathways, as well as cell cycle net work. (2005/8/5)

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